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Manage customer experience in real-time

Customer Experience Tracking® is a program for managing your customers’ experience in real time.

Init MarketingEvery day your customers are placing orders, calling you, receiving deliveries, having repairs done, and making claims and complaints… An annual satisfaction survey isn’t enough to follow your customers’ experience.

With Customer Experience Tracking®, each event and each interaction can be followed up on the spot. You’ll be able to go from a delayed measurement based on a “scientific” sampling, to an immediate measurement, exhaustive and ready to be put to use.

The major advantages of regularly listening to your customers:

  • Put your results to use more easily with a short questionnaire, based on important events in the customer journey,
  • Be more reactive when faced with drops in service quality and be able to quickly put in place corrective actions,
  • Avoid seasonal effects linked to one-time measurements,
  • Do Customer Care: bring back unsatisfied customers (automatic alerts…)

Discover CusTrack®, our tool for managing the customer experience, in video (video in French)


  • deepen your knowledge of your customer base and develop targeted marketing strategies by providing your CRM with data resulting from the studies.
  • avoid eroding satisfaction or the loss of clients linked to dissatisfaction about events
  • increase the loyalty of your customers